Heritage hunting

Eager third-graders wander Wilson Brewer Park, and other historic Webster City sites to learn about their town’s past

Third-graders played pioneer games on the grass expanse in front of the historic Mulberry Center Church.

Approximately 108 third-grade students from Sunset Heights Elementary and Northeast Hamilton took part in a Heritage Tour Day on Friday.

The purpose of Heritage Day was to learn more about the history of Webster City and Hamilton County.

Groups of students were guided by local Webster City citizens dressed in period clothing.

They toured the Depot Museum and the caboose, Mulberry Center Church, Harmony Center School, the Brewer-Groves and Jamison cabins, the original Hamilton County Courthouse, Kendall Young Library, the Jane Young House, and several historical houses along Willson Avenue.

Third-grade student Hallie Anderson said, “My favorite part was the first murder trial. I liked when kids got to act out parts of real people from the real trial and how we got to see the big courthouse books.”

The adult volunteers who helped at Wilson Brewer Park are part of the Wilson Brewer Historic Park Committee. The ladies at the Jane Young House are Webster City Women’s Club members.


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