YSS to reopen for in-person service

YSS OF HAMILTON COUNTY is scheduled to reopen its doors to the public June 1 as the agency resumes in-person counseling and therapy services.

YSS of Hamilton County will be opening its doors to the public for face-to-face services beginning June 1.

The agency will continue to follow the Center for Disease Control guidelines regarding mandatory masks and ask that anyone receiving services monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, or any other communicable disease. It will continue to be important to stay home if you do not feel well.

“We will continue to provide services to the Hamilton County Community offering family focused care with individual and family therapy, Behavioral Health Intervention Services, Crisis Counseling and In-School Services,” said Kate Garvey, executive director. “We also offer Substance Use intervention services such as substance abuse assessments, outpatient treatment for adolescents and adults as well as OWI assessments. YSS also offers advocacy programs including the Iowa Aftercare program and Integrated Health Homes.”

Garvey said the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on lives.

“The pandemic has caused changes in our daily lives that have affected all of us, including children,” she said. “These changes have caused increased stress resulting in depression, anxiety and increased risk for suicide. The stress has also increased the use of alcohol and substance abuse. The issues children and families have faced have caused people to feel isolated and uncertain of their financial futures.”

Garvey said the community has done an excellent job of working together to combat this pandemic.

“Thankfully, through increased availability of immunizations, we are able to begin returning to some form of normalcy,” she said. “If you or someone you care about needs to seek help due to increased feelings of depression and/or anxiety, or if your children are experiencing increased behaviors, please reach out to YSS at 515-832-1061.”


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