Successful mass vaccine clinic

Those under 64 with underlying conditions now eligible for shots

— Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Anne Blankenship Hamilton County Public Health held a mass vaccine clinic Saturday at Briggs Woods Conference Center. One-hundred eighty individuals received a dose of the vaccine. Next Saturday’s clinic will add individuals age 64 and younger with underlying health conditions to the eligibility list.

Hamilton County Public Health held a mass COVID-19 vaccination clinic on Saturday morning at the Briggs Woods Conference Center. Volunteers checked the individuals in and led them to a socially-distanced seating area. Nurses and paramedics moved among the chairs, checking information on the patient’s forms and insurance cards, as well as administering a dose of the vaccine.

Officials said about 180 people received vaccinations during the two and a half hour clinic.

Next Saturday, March 13, Hamilton County Public Health will hold another clinic and will add those ages 18 to 64 with underlying health conditions such as cancer, chronic kidney, COPD, heart condition, sickle cell, solid organ transplant, Type 2 diabetes, Down Syndrome, pregnancy, obesity, BMI over 30, smoking, asthma, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis, hypertension, liver disease, neurologic conditions, immunocompromised, thalassemia, type 1 diabetes. Those in the Tier 1B and health care workers can also still sign up for vaccinations.

Call 832-9565 for an appointment.


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