In the deep freeze

Temperatures expected to plummet Sunday, Monday

— Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Anne Blankenship The temperature on Thursday afternoon was hovering just below zero as the snow fell in Webster City. Sunday and Monday will see mercury dip to between 15 and 21 below, according to officials with the National Weather Service in Des Moines.

Temperatures in Hamilton County and across the state have been bitterly cold this week, but officials with the National Weather Service in Des Moines say that things are only going to get colder over the next few days.

On Friday, the high temperature will hover between zero and 5 below. Low temperatures will likely dip to 10 below Friday night, with wind chills in the 25 below range.

“We’re in for an arctic blast this weekend,” said Andrew Ansorge, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. “We’re going to see bitterly cold temperatures on Saturday, with a temperatures dipping to about 10 below with wind

chill factors near minus 30.”

Sunday will see temperatures around minus 16 with wind chills nearing35 below.

“On Monday, we’ll start the week off with frigid temperatures around 21 below zero,” Ansorge said, adding that wind chills will bottom out at 35 below.

The good news is, Ansorge said temperatures should start to rise by the middle of next week.

“We’ll see a slow, gradual climb next week. By Wednesday, we’ll likely see temps in the low teens,” he said.

There is also a chance of more snow this weekend. Friday night, there’s a 50 percent chance of snowfall and on Saturday, the forecast shows a 20 percent chance.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people stay inside if possible during the bitterly cold conditions. For those who have to be outdoors, the CDC recommends wearing a hat, a scarf or knit mask to cover the face and mouth and mittens. Dress in layers to maintain body heat.

The CDC also recommends staying dry as wet clothing will cause the body to chill more quickly.

Don’t ignore shivering, one of the first signs that the body is losing heat. Constant shivering is a sign that it’s time to go inside.

Shivering is also a warning sign that hypothermia may be setting in. Other warning signs include feeling exhausted or very tired, confusion, fumbling hands, memory loss, slurred speech and drowsiness. If a person’s temperature falls below 95 degrees, the CDC recommends getting medical attention immediately.


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