A downhill run

Snow at Hospital Hill brings out the sledders

— Daily Freeman-Journal photos by Anne Blankenship
Sledders and snowboarders shared Hospital Hill Wednesday afternoon, taking advantage of the freshly fallen snow.

The conditions were perfect Wednesday afternoon for some downhill sledding fun at Hospital Hill in Webster City.

The thick wet snow that fell Tuesday provided a slippery, fast track for those swooshing down the hill. Bundled in snowpants, parkas, hats and gloves to guard against the cold wind, kids and parents trekked up the hill with sleds in tow. Many were speculating just how far they could get their sleds to travel.

“I bet I can make it to the creek,” one young man said as he raced up the hill to get ready for another trip on his saucer.

Young Brecken Danielson, 5, was one of the dozens of children excited to make his first run down the hill. With his blue and red plastic sled, he and his mom, Jessica, climbed the hill to get into position.

“I’ve been sledding once before,” Brecken said.

The inevitable result of a downhill sledding run was a return trip up Hospital Hill. Wednesday afternoon, children were toting their sleds up the hill time and time again. And there were a few parents on the hill who helped the little ones retrieve their sleds.

Several of the youngsters tried their hand a snowboarding, gingerly balancing as they made their way down the hill.

Of course, the bumpy and swift ride down also brought the inevitable hike back up to the top.

Children should have a few more opportunities for fun in the snow. The forecast Thursday calls for mostly sunny skies with a high in the lower 20s. New Year’s Day brings a chance for more snow. There’s a 40 percent chance of light snow with a high in the upper 20s. Saturday and Sunday are also expected to sunny with temperatures in the 20s.

There are few things faster than a saucer sled on a hard-packed snowy hill. The sledders Wednesday afternoon used sleds, tobaggons and even snowboards to sail down the slope.

Brecken Danielson, 5, and his mom, Jessica, get ready for Brecken’s first run down Hospital Hill on Wednesday afternoon. The fresh snowfall brought out dozens of sledders and snowboarders


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