Weatherization program to focus on veterans

Materials to help area vets get ready for winter

RSVP has long served its communities by doing a winter weatherization project every fall. This year, the focus for winter weatherization will be to serve veterans.

Central Iowa RSVP is seeking local veterans whose residences need to be weatherized. The materials provided will include plastic for covering window interiors, weather stripping, draft dodgers, gaskets for switch plates and outlet plates, and new furnace filters.

According to RSVP Volunteer Coordinator Becky Koppen, in previous years, volunteers served by installing all these materials in the homes. However, this year the concern of spreading COVID-19 will likely prohibit volunteers from going into people’s homes. The hope is that the veterans will be able to do the installation themselves or be able to find a friend or relative who can help, Koppen said.

Those who know of a veteran who would like to have these materials provided free of charge are asked to contact Koppen at (515) 832-2525.

Volunteers are also needed to help with preparation and delivery of materials.


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