Angstrom Group acquires Vantec Inc.

Angstrom Group announced this week that on Sept. 18, Vantec, LLC a division of Angstrom Group acquired Vantec, Inc. and will operate out of Vantec, Inc.’s former Iowa & Nebraska facilities effective Monday.

As an Angstrom Group company, Vantec LLC will join the Angstrom Group family of companies servicing the Global Automotive and Industrial Markets and continue to provide a stable and expanding platform for its customers.

“The acquisition of Vantec, Inc. fits the Angstrom Group model and continues to build on a strategy of establishing Angstrom as a vertically integrated company and the industries “One Stop Shop” location for world class Automotive & Industrial components and assemblies,” said Nagesh Palakurthi, President and CEO of Angstrom Group. “We are confident that this addition will continue to strengthen and complement our value proposition to our customers.”

Vantec processes a large number of products and plastic components for a broad base of diverse customers. Industries include HVAC products, beverage dispensing equipment, vehicle parts and accessories, and construction and home products. Vantec currently operates 49 injection molding machines, which are serviced through a centralized state-of-the-art resin feeding system, allowing rapid and efficient transition from one project to another.

Officials said the Vantec culture has always emphasized exceptionally high-quality manufacturing as fundamental to all operations. The company originally became ISO certified back in 1994, when they were the 14th custom injection molded company in North America to achieve such certification. The company’s commitment to investing in new technologies and improved automation processes has been key in its steady success in new business development.

Vantec founders Bev and Willie Van Wyhe have now fully retired, according to company officials. Their daughter, Sherri Behrendt, will stay on with Vantec LLC as the managing director and Angstrom Group’s vice president of sales.


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