Board OKs contracts with libraries

The Hamilton County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved the annual contract with the libraries throughout the county.

The annual contract provides funding for residents who live in the unincorporated areas of the county to use the library of their choice.

“By code, we would have to provide $43,558 to the libraries. This year, we’re providing $81,454.09 to the libraries for the current fiscal yea,” said Doug Bailey, board chairman.

The funds, based upon the number of rural patrons the library has, was broken out as follows:

• $10,589 for the Ellsworth Library

• $15,948 for the Jewell Library

• $10,589 for the Stanhope Library

• $10, 589 for the Stratford Library

• $23, 149 for the Kendall Young Library, Webster City

• $10, 589 for the Williams Library.

The board unanimously approved the library contract.

Two leases for Central Iowa Recovery were approved by the board.

“Central Iowa Recovery has two different leases with Hamilton County. The first is for the Friends Forever space at the county Mental Health building, at a cost of $5,044 per month,” he said. “The second lease is for the Shashi Station for the drop-in center and CIR administrative offices.”

The lease for the Shashi Station space, located at 1610 Collins St., is $4,128 per moth. Both are 10-year terms on the lease, Bailey said.

An agreement for additional security measures to be added to the courtroom area on the second floor of the courthouse was approved. The contract with the vendor River City in the amount of $18,913. The upgrades will provide better control of the doors entering the courts area.

“What we’re trying to do is isolate the courts area from the balance of the courthouse,” Bailey said. Several years ago, the board added security measures to the western half of the attorney and judges offices.

“This would complete the security up there and would also stop anyone from coming down the stairway from the second floor to the first floor and also would stop the use of the stairwells going from the basement and first floor up to the second floor,” Bailey said.

The agreement would also add controls to the balance of the exterior entrances to the courthouse.

Bailey said he believed the work could be completed by the end of August. Jury trials are scheduled to resume on Sept. 14.


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