Calhoun County marks two COVID-19 deaths

ROCKWELL CITY – Amid a recent increase in positive COVID-19 cases, Calhoun County Public Health confirmed the county’s first two coronavirus-related deaths on Saturday.

Both victims were described as elderly and with having risk factors that increased their chances of complications due to COVID-19.

Carl Legore, a Calhoun County supervisor and the county’s public information officer, said the county and various businesses have now started to conduct more COVID-19 tests.

Over the past two weeks, the number of positive tests in Calhoun County has more than doubled, from 19 cases on June 12 to 41 cases on Sunday. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 982 Calhoun County residents have been tested for the coronavirus, with 941 testing negative. Of those who have tested positive, 19 have recovered as of Sunday.

“We mourn for the families and friends of those who have passed away,” Legore said. “Hopefully there won’t be more like that.”

Last week, Manson’s Greater Crater Days was canceled due to the steady increase of COVID-19 cases in the county. Legore said he is unsure about what these new cases and two deaths will mean for other events in the county.

“We meet again on Tuesday, so I’m sure we’ll discuss a lot of stuff like the Fourth of July,” he said. “Last week, we voted to keep the courthouse by appointment only until mid-July and we take a look at that each week to see how the trends are going. We consult with public health and see what their recommendations are on things.”

Legore encourages Calhoun County residents to follow CDC recommendations to avoid exposure and transmission of COVID-19.

“I know it’s been a long time and people are restless to get out, but you’ve got to keep that social distancing,” he said. “You can get outside, but maintain your spaces. And if you’re sick, stay home.”

As of Sunday afternoon, according to the state of Iowa’s COVID-19 website, there have been 150 individuals in Webster County who have tested positive for the coronavirus. Of those who have tested positive, 106 have since recovered, and there was one death so far.

In Wright County, the state reports 365 positive test results, with 171 having recovered so far.

Pocahontas County has had 70 positive cases as of Sunday, including one death and 11 recovered.

Humboldt County has also seen one death from its 46 positive cases, 35 of which have recovered.

On Sunday, Hamilton County marked its first COVID-19 death. There have been 182 positive cases in the county, with 124 recovered.


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