County OKs sharing agreement for public health administrator

Closures due to COVID-19 leads to temporary layoffs of some county workers

Hamilton County Public Health Administrator Shelby Kroona will be dividing her time between Hamilton County and Wright County after the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors approved a sharing agreement with the neighboring county.

Chairman Doug Bailey said Tuesday morning the two counties have been in talks for more than a year concerning ways to continue and maintain services to residents of both counties.

“We approved a consulting agreement on Feb. 24 but this is now a sharing agreement,” he said. “Shelby will be splitting her time between Hamilton and Wright counties.” He added that the two counties will also split the costs for Kroona’s salary and benefits. Wright County will reimburse costs on a monthly basis. The Hamilton County share each month will be $5,000.

Wright County’s board of health and board of supervisors have approved the agreement.

Eight county employees were placed on temporary layoff, according to the supervisors. The employees were associated with Friends Forever Social Education Center. The center was closed indefinitely due to recommendations relating to the size of gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.

Patrick Coons was hired as a part-time IT employee, primarily for Shashi Station. His rate of pay is $20 per hour.

Sue Newman was named the full-time culinary manager for the Briggs Woods Conference Center. Her rate of pay will be $15 per hour.

Erica Cornielson was hired as the new office manager for the Secondary Roads Department with an annual salary of $45,000.


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