New bakery opens in WC

Ovens fired up at Lupita’s Bakery

-Daily Freeman-Journal photos by Kelby Wingert Rows of various Mexican sweet breads line up on display at Lupita’s Bakery, 626 Second St.

A recent addition has joined the storefronts on Webster City’s Second Street. Lupita’s Bakery, a Mexican panaderia, recently opened up at 626 Second St.

The bakery is owned by the Gutierrez family, which also owns La Bomba Taqueria in town.

“I realized there wasn’t a bakery in town at the moment and I really like bread and so does my husband,” said Guadalupe Benitez, one of the owners. “So we were like, ‘Why don’t we just open a bakery and see what people think? And hopefully they’ll like it too.'”

Lupita’s Bakery is open every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The bakery sells a variety of items like concha and other Mexican sweet breads, as well as varieties of salt breads and other baked goods. Soon, once the bakery acquires the right equipment, it will sell donuts and churros. In total, Benitez bakes anywhere from 20 to 23 different items.

“Every day I might change one or two, depending on what breads the people buy more of,” she said.

Benitez said her favorite bread item to make is the chiloso, which as a savory bread filled with cheese and jalapenos.

Most items in the bakery cost around $1 or less.

Once the bakery gets some of the machinery it needs for other types of bread products, Benitez said she has even more plans for the bakery.

“Hopefully up in the front, we’ll have a coffee station and we’ll have tables in the front so people can come in the mornings and get their coffee and sit down to enjoy their nice, warm bread,” she said.

Lupita’s Bakery is eager to welcome new customers and show them all the different breads that are made.

“Hopefully once the news gets out and more people come here and enjoy the bread, we can stay here longer and continue the bakery,” Benitez added.