What do you want for WC?

Deb Brown to share results of study tonight at Fuller Hall

Deb Brown

Deb Brown from SaveYour.Town will give a special presentation tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 20 about what people in the community want.

Over the past two weeks, she’s spoken to hundreds of people in Webster City and asked them that simple question, “What do you want?”

The presentation will be held at 6 p.m. in the Sampson Room of Fuller Hall and is open to the public. Those attending will hear the top things people want, along with stories from other communities that have achieved those same things. There will also be time for questions.

Brown met with business owners, students in high school classes, SHIFT Happens members, county supervisors, Rotary Club members, the Chamber of Commerce board and others.

She compiled the data she obtained through those meetings for the presentation tonight.

Brendan Hoffman

“Many residents want to see more trails and upkeep and additions of parks,” she said. “Overall, there was a lot of requests for a general store, like Ben Franklin. The students and adults all want to see more activities in town.”

The presentation is part of a partnership with SaveYour.Town, Legacy Learning Boone River Valley and The Daily Freeman-Journal during the months of November through January. In addition to Brown’s embedded community experience, the collaboration will feature:

• A residency for international photojournalist Brendan Hoffman at the Daily Freeman Journal

• Brendan Hoffman will be offering a series of free photography classes for Hamilton County residents. Those interested can register at www.legacylearningbrv.org. Classes start Dec. 7.

This collaboration is possible since Hoffman received financial support from the Magnum Foundation and a Yunghi grant, in addition to a grant from the Lenfast Institute for Journalism in partnership with the Facebook Journalism Project received by the collaboration.

Hoffman will begin his residency at the Daily Freeman-Journal on Dec. 1.


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