A simple act of kindness

Windsor Manor surprises shopper on World Kindness Day

— Photo courtesy of Marlys Baker Jodi Berns-Lennon, executive director of Windsor Manor in Webster City, surprises Webster City resident Carla Youngdale by putting $100 toward her grocery purchase on Nov. 13, World Kindness Day.

To observe World Kindness Day, Nov. 13, Windsor Manor of Webster City shocked a local Hy-Vee customer by applying $100 to her grocery purchase.

Unsuspecting Carla Youngdale of Webster City was told as she started to have her items scanned that she was the lucky recipient of this kind gesture.

Hugging Jodi Berns-Lennon, Windsor Manor’s executive director, Youngdale said, “Oh my gosh, you have just made my day.”

Youngdale said her family is all coming home for a visit soon, and she was stocking up on food. She also shared that she sometimes pays others’ bills herself to spread kindness, and it makes her feel so good. So to have this done for her was an incredible surprise.

“Webster City really is a good community,” Youngdale said.

Berns-Lennon agreed, saying, “This is a great community, and I’m glad to work here.”

Even Hy-Vee checker Vicky Cockrum, who lives in Woolstock, said she loves Webster City. “It’s the people that keep me here.”

In addition to helping pay one customer’s grocery bill, Berns-Lennon also visited the Van Diest Medical Center and the medical clinic spreading kindness and a few goodies to celebrate the day.


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