Fire department responds to acid spill

Region 5 Haz Mat team called neutralize unknown substance

Webster City Fire Department personnel and the Region 5 Hazardous Materials team from Fort Dodge work to neutralize an unknown acid that was spilled on Beach Street in Webster City Monday afternoon. The substance was eventually washed away and now poses no threat to the public, according to Fire Chief Chuck Stansfield.

Webster City Firefighters and the Region 5 Hazardous Materials team responded to the spill of an unknown acidic substance near the corner of Second and Beach streets Monday afternoon.

Webster City Fire Chief Chuck Stansfield said when firefighters arrived on scene, the substance was “off gassing and boiling” in the street. Stansfield said a bottle of the substance had apparently fallen off the back of a truck.

“We called in the Region 5 Haz Mat team,” Stansfield said. “They determined the substance was a strong acid and used a material to neutralize the acid.”

Once the acid was neutralized, firefighters were able to wash down the street.

“There’s no further danger to the public,” Stansfield said.

The Webster City Police Department assisted and blocked off First Street and Beach Street for a short time while the Haz Mat team and firefighters cleared the substance.