Zoning changes move forward

P&Z Commission proposes rezoning districts in three areas of Webster City



Changes in the zoning proposed for three areas of Webster City were approved in the first reading Monday night, following public hearings on the changes.

“The Planning and Zoning Commission initiated these three zoning public hearings,” said City Planner Karla Wetzler. There were no written or oral objections to any of the proposed changes Monday night.

Wetzler said when the commission updates the city’s comprehensive plan, they look at the zoning map, the existing land use map and future land use map. She said the commission was still working through the zoning map but had found three areas that could be updated.

The first area would rezone property from C-3 or highway business to R-1 (single family dwelling) along Superior Street and Edgewood Drive. The area involves four properties to the west and north of the intersection of Edgewood and Superior. All of the property owners were contacted and were in agreement with the change, Wetzler said.

“C-3 allows any business in there but it’s very obvious that it’s a residential district,” she said. “So to put them in a residential district instead of commercial makes sense.”

The second change would rezone property from A-1 (agricultural) district to C-3 along East Second Street.

“This particular area, all of the targeted parcels are zoned C-3 on the front half but on A-1 on the back half,” she said.

One property owner questioned whether they could still have horses on the property with the zoning change.

“That doesn’t change,” she said. “He would come in as a non-conforming use. However, if he were to sell it, the buyer would have to use it as what it is now being used for. But if it sat vacant for year, it would revert back to the original use in C-3.”

Wetzler said the property owner requested his property be removed from the rezoning.

“If he wants to secure it as it is, that’s fine,” she said.

A third area, located in along James Street and Prospect Street, is proposed to be rezoned from R-2, multiple family dwelling and M-1, light industrial, to C-3, highway business.

“This area is directly north of Hy-Vee,” Wetzler said. “Hy-Vee sits in a commercial district. As long as (the property) is contiguous with something, it can be rezoned to what that it is.

“Right now, there’s two different uses back there along the railroad tracks,” she said. “We would just as soon keep the whole rectanguler shape there — which is two ownerships — as a commercial district.”

That, she said, would open up more opportunities for the sale of the building where Hamilton County Public Health is located. Public Health will soon be moving to the former Webster City Medical Clinic on Collins Drive.

The other property owners had appeared before the council on a nuisance matter, Wetzler said. Rezoning in the area will prohibit outdoor storage, she added.

The first reading of all three proposed zoning changes were approve by the City Council. Councilman Brian Miller was absent from the meeting.

In other business, the council recommended approval for the renewal of beer and liquor licenses for Hy-Vee, American Legion Post #191, Leon’s Pizza, Yesway (Second Street), Yesway (Superior Street), Lomita’s Mexican Restaurant, and an upgrade to add Class E liquor licenses and Class B wine permits along with initially approved Class C beer permit and Sunday sales for Casey’s General Store on Second Street.


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