Cub Scouts attend day camp

Youngsters learn about fishing, archery, canoeing and more

— Submitted photos
Cub Scouts help retire the colors at the end of day one and learn proper flag etiquette from Scoutmaster Dave Bergeson and Shawn Morsbach.
A long slip and side was a huge hit on day two as Cubs participated in the sponge race.
This year saw the first year girls were allowed to attend Day Camp. Addilyn Bell was one of two girls enjoying the two day camp, shown here creating her boat at the woodworking station. Scouts raced the boats the following day.
Cub Scouts learned about fish that are in our area lakes, got to hold and examine a cleaned fish and then even got to help season, cook and eat it.

The annual Hamilton County Cub Scout Day Camp was held recently and was attended by approximately 70 youngsters at Briggs Woods Park.

Cubs attended the Down Under sea-themed camp from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. over a two day period where they participated in various 45 minute stations scattered around the park.

Stations included woodworking, games, bb guns, archery, fishing, multiple arts and crafts, water rockets, boat races, water balloon launching, water balloon towel volleyball, canoeing and environmental cleanup.

According to organizers, one of the annual favorite activites happened courtesy of the Webster City Fire Department and the Kamrar Fire Department. Each department arrived with a fire truck for the afternoon break, shooting water into the field for the kids to play in and cool off.

Camp coodinators Brandon and Clare Clabaugh and Dave and Shelly Bergeson said they were happy with the turnout and are already starting the plans for next years camp. Next year’s theme is On The Farm and will be held June 12 and 13, 2020.