Scammers are posing as Webster City police officers

The Webster City Police Department is alerting the public that scammers have been calling people in the community posing as members of the department.

Police Chief Shiloh Mork said the scammers are calling and identifying themselves as an officer. The caller then tells the victim they need to provide them with credit card and bank account information and threatens to arrest them if that information is not provided.

Mork said what’s “particularly troubling” about the calls is that the caller ID lists the Webster City Police Department and the department’s number, 515-832-9166, as the number it’s coming from.

The police department said this is a common tactic known as “spoofing” that scammers use to get what they want.

“People have worked hard for their financial security,” Mork said. “To see criminals representing themselves as police officers and taking advantage of people makes me sick.”

He said the Police Department would never call anyone asking for banking or credit card information. He urged people who do receive the call to contact the Police Department and to not send any money.

Mork added that people should make sure everyone in their family is aware of the scam so they do not fall for it.


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