Curbside recycling to begin in Blairsburg July 1

BLAIRSBURG – Beginning July 1, the community of Blairsburg will have weekly curbside recycling.

On Monday night, the Blairsburg City Council voted to begin the curbside recycling program following a presentation by Chris Kehoe, director of operations at The Trash Man.

Kehoe proposed that the council initiate a weekly curbside recycling program because the large dumpster used to collect recyclable materials is being misused. Instead of depositing recyclables, people have been using it to dispose of their trash.

“The issue is that there is contamination in the recycle bin,” explained Kehoe. “People are throwing their trash in there and contaminating the recyclables.”

Currently in Hamilton County, only Blairsburg and Stanhope have a large dumpster available for community recyclables, he said.

The Trash Man will provide the bins that will be placed alongside the yellow garbage bags on the curb each week, said Kehoe. Bins will be marked with each address. Damaged bins will be replaced when needed, explained Kehoe in response to a question from a community member at the council meeting.

Residents needing special assistance in placing the bin at curbside may call The Trash Man at 832-5516, said Kehoe.

A community roll-out for the program will be set within the next week in order for residents to pick up their bins, said Kehoe.

Curbside recycling will allow residents to deposit cardboard in the bin provided by The Trash Man along with glass, plastics, metal, tin cans, newspapers, computer paper, junk mail, phone books, magazines and catalogs.

There will be restrictions on items placed in the recyclable bins such as plastic bags, said Kehoe.

For a complete listing of recyclable and non-recyclable items, go to: thetrashmanwebstercity.com