Schlofeldt awarded park contract

Future changes at Wilson Brewer Park in Webster City will be made possible by engineering work authorized by the City Council Monday.

The council awarded two contracts to Schlotfeldt Engineering, of Webster City.

The company will be paid $36,500 to prepare plans for trails and other improvements throughout the park.

It will be paid $20,500 to prepare plans to repair the 1866 vintage courthouse at the park.

The engineering work will be paid for with donations received by the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation.

Interim City Manager Kent Harfst said the city doesn’ t have the money yet to do the actual construction and repairs at the park.

Under the $36,500 contract, the engineering firm will:

• Design trails throughout the park.

• Make plans for access ramps at the courthouse, depot, church and school.

• Plan for regrading the ground where the cabins once stood.

• Plan for construction of a rail siding where an old caboose will be displayed.

The caboose is expected to be delivered this summer.

The courthouse at the park was built in 1866 and was the first Hamilton County Courthouse. It was used until 1876. It was moved to the park in 1985.

The engineering firm was hired to make plans for improving the drainage around the building, replacing damaged siding, installing climate control, resurfacing wood floors, installing new interior lighting, replacing the existing wood doors with insulated steel doors, improving attic insulation, repairing basement block grout and removing first floor partition walls.


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