Interim board presents initial contract proposals

Hearing on FY?2020 budget set for April 8

The initial contract proposals from the interim board of the Northeast Hamilton and Webster City School districts were presented to the Webster City Education Association and the Webster City Educational Services Association Monday night.

The board offered a proposed one year contract to the WCEA with a $950 increase to the base salary for instructors with no step increase. The proposed total package increase would be 1.12 percent, according to Dr. Mandy Ross, superintendent.

The WCESA proposal would also be for a one year contract with no increase to the base pay, but would provide for step advances. The total package increase for the WCESA would be 1.38 percent.

Board representatives and administration will meet with union representatives to begin the contract negotiations in the near future.

A hearing on the Fiscal Year 2020 budget will be held Monday, April 8 at 6 p.m.

Ross explained some of the variables affecting school finance.

“There are many variables that impact changes including actual property taxes paid versus tax estimates from the assessor’s office,”she said. “There is a difference. And also property valuations.”

Board Secretary Cathi Hildebrand said a proposed budget was compiled keeping the surtax rate at 4 percent, the same rate as last year for both districts.

“We were able to get the proposed levy rate close to what was estimated for the Webster City side. It’s not exactly what was estimated for the Northeast Hamilton side but as everyone has assured me, those were estimates based on what was known at the time. A few things have changed since then the proposals were put together,” she said, adding, “but we’ve tried to keep it as close as possible to what was estimated last year during the presentations.”

For 2020, a tax rate of $12.42 for Webster City and $11.87 for Northeast Hamilton was proposed. That keeps the surtax rate at 4 percent for both schools.

“That covers all of our needs for next year,” she said.

In other business, the board approved contracts for Lauren Johnson as high school counselor, Tyler Mosbach, high school physical education instructor, Lynn Ehrenberg, elementary guidance counselor, Laura Fisher, high school English and social studies, and Joe Shanks, 7-12 activity director.

A contract with the University of Northern Iowa was also approved for the potential placement of student teachers.

The resignation of board member Michelle Walters was approved. Walters has accepted a job in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Erin Miller, director of teaching and learning, and Mike Kruger, principal/superintendent at Northeast Hamilton, gave a presentation on sustaining personalized learning. Kruger discussed what was happening with staff at NEH as the district works to align k-6 classes with Webster City.