Learning ice rescues

— Submitted photos Jon Schreck and Cole Youngdale work practice a rescue.

The Webster City Fire Department conducted ice rescue training at Briggs Woods Lake last weekend. A specialized rescue training company, Professional Rescue Innovations, led the training event.

Twenty five department members received training in how to safely and effectively rescue someone from a surface ice accident. The training included classroom understanding of ice, victims needs, different types of rescue methods, and how to rig up a rescue harness. Then it was off to the water to practice what was learned.

Each member practiced how to engage the victim, enter the water and rescue the victim with multiple strategies.

Fire Chief Chuck Stansfield said that with the amount of water in and around Webster City, the department felt it important to continue to train to technician level on this kind of rescue.

“With more and more people enjoying the water and ice recreation, this training is very important to keep up on. We are a fortunate community to have such dedicated volunteer firefighters that are willing to give up a whole Saturday to be a part of this training,” he said.

Don Wills works to pull Hunter Hayes to safety during the ice rescue training held at Briggs Wods Lake last weekend.

All members that were present will receive an ice rescue certification showing they have the training to conduct this type of rescue.

Ice rescue training participants