Hubbell talks health care, education in Webster City stop

Dem candidate for governor meets with Hamilton County supporters

— Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Anne Blankenship Fred Hubbell, Democratic candidate for Iowa governor, visits with Colleen Hansen, candidate for Hamilton County treasurer. The Hubbell campaign made a stop at the Hamilton County Democratic Headquarters Saturday afternoon.

Businessman Fred Hubbell, Democratic candidate for Iowa governor, made a campaign stop in Webster City Saturday afternoon. He talked about health care, education, the state budget and a variety of other issues.

“I can’t stand by any longer and watch our state get run into the ground by the fiscal mismanagement and misguided policies of Gov. Kim Reynolds and the Republican legislature,” Hubbell, 67, told the large audience gathered at the Democratic Headquarters.

Health care is the top issue for most Iowans, Hubbell said, adding that Medicaid privatization has not proven to be successful in the state.

“Health care, health care, health care. That’s what they’re saying,” Hubbell said. “Medicaid privatization is hurting Iowans all over the place. There were 40,000 Iowans had benefits denied or reduced, 14 different healthcare providers have been forced out of business and other are just barely hanging on.

“But Gov. Reynolds keeps saying it’s going to be fine, and it’s not,” he said.

Hubbell also said the state should be getting better values for tax incentives and credits spent to bring corporations to Iowa.

“Way to many times — there’s been a study of these things — we found out we were giving tax credits that might cost us a dollar and we’re getting back only 50 cents. It’s irresponsible,” he said.

Hubbell said as governor, he would stop credits and deductions that he says don’t make fiscal sense and use those funds to invest in people through education and health care.

The candidate said he supports fully funding education. He said many teachers are opting to leave the state for other areas where salaries are more competitive.

“Part of it is we need to restore collective bargaining for our teachers, so that they will know that they are going to have decent benefits and compensation. We also need to provide leadership to give them the resources they need,” he said.

Teachers face larger class sizes, lack of prep time and are being asked to do more with fewer resources, Hubbell said.

“We need more teachers in the state and we need to give them the support in the classroom, with more counselors so kids with behavioral problems can get the support and help they need,” he said.

“But we keep cutting the education funding and the teachers are forced to go out of state,” he said.

Hubbell also advocated for fully funding public safety in the state. He said that budgets for police, fire, emergency medical services and the state patrol had been cut for years.

Hubbell and running mate State Sen. Rita Hart of Clinton, will face Gov. Kim Reynolds and Lt. Governor Adam Gregg in the Nov. 6 general election.