On the route

Hamilton Co. to participate in Historic U.S. Route 20 project

The Hamilton County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution in support of a measure to mark Historic U.S. Route 20 — old highway 20 — Wednesday morning in their regular session.

Supervisor Dan Campidilli said a national group, Historic U.S. Route 20 Association, is working to get historic route markers along the highway.

“This is to get people to get off the four lane and enjoy small towns on the route,” he said. The effort is being led by Bryan Farr of Massachusetts, executive director of the Historic Route 20 Association.

“He’s had really good luck in the state of Iowa. He’s trying to get from border to border in Iowa, kind of as the poster child for the whole program. He’s had really good luck,” Campidilli said.

Campidilli said the signs would be posted throughout the county.

“I think it’s a worthwhile avenue for us to go down,” he said.

Supervisor David Young outlined some of the historical facts about the historic route.

“It was created in 1926, starting in Boston, Massachusetts. It went all the way through Yellowstone Park into Wyoming,” he said. “In 1943 there was an addition that went into the state of Oregon.”

Historic U.S. Route 20 is 3,365 miles in length and of that total, 333 miles are located in Iowa.

“At one time, Route 20 was main route that went right through the heart of Webster City and Hamilton County,” Young said.

In other business, a public hearing on the vacation of a county road was rescheduled for Jan. 9 during the 9 a.m. board session.

County Engineer Nicole Stinn said at the Dec. 12 meeting that a half-mile stretch of Fowler Avenue south of 290th St. is proposed for vacation.

“We are looking to potentially to vacate Fowler Ave.,” she said. “The county hasn’t done any maintenance on it, from what I’ve been told, since we’ve had it. It’s a dead end.”

Stinn said the county was looking to get it off of the maintenance records and not be responsible for the road anymore.

“At the hearing, we can hear people out about whether we should vacate that road,” she said.