Petitions are filed

WC, NEH? districts collect signatures for reorganization

The deadline for the Northeast Hamilton/Webster City reorganization petition has been meet with both districts garnering more than enough signatures to bring the issue before voters in April 2018.

NEH and Webster City School Superintendent Mike Sherwood reported that Webster City gathered 652 signatures for the petition. The WC reorganization petition needed 400 signatures to make the district eligible for the reorganization vote.

NEH had 267 signatures but only needed 191 to qualify for the election, said Sherwood.

The petition was filed on Thursday with with Jeff Herzberg, Chief Administrator of the Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency, said Supt. Sherwood.

Filing the petition by early November meets the AEA timeline in order to present the plan to voters by April 2018.

A majority of voters from each district must approve the reorganization plan in order for it to take effect. If approved by voters next April, the reorganization plan will go into effect for the 2019/2020 school year.