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Free showing of ‘The Breakfast Club’ June 19

The Bee Inspired Advisory Council is inviting community members to a free showing of the movie, “The Breakfast Club”. The event is scheduled for Monday, June 19 at 7 p.m. at the Webster Theater, located in Webster City.

“The Breakfast Club” is the story of high school students spending time in Saturday detention. The youth discard their differences to discuss situations that brought them together that day. Originally released in 1985, stars Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, and Judd Nelson bring to life the characters and the pressures that youth found to be similar amongst their different social groups.

The council chose to view “The Breakfast Club” because there are many similarities to problems that teens encountered in the 80’s as there are now.

The Bee Inspired Program Advisory Council invites the public to attend this free community showing of “The Breakfast Club” as May’s Teen Empowerment Month activities wrap up and the summer break kicks-off.

According to Tiffany Larson, Bee Inspired CAPP Program coordinator, this is the time of year when risky behaviors increase for youth.

“Our goal is really to use this movie as a teachable moment to encourage youth/adult conversations,” said Larson. “Whether that is a parent bringing their youth, a youth inviting their parent or caregiver to come with, other adults that interact with youth…that would be our primary target.”

Larson noted that anybody in the community and surrounding community is invited to attend the film.

“The film hits on topics that are still relevant and honestly, need to be talked about to help youth be healthy, independent and ultimately successful,” Larson said.

It is so vitally important for youth and adults to increase communication.

“Those who wish can pick up the discussion questions that will be available that evening,” said Larson.

Attendees can pick up discussion questions before the film to help facilitate communication between youths and adults in the community. The movie provides many messages and themes that are worth discussing.

“Our ultimate goal is to have communities interacting across all generations and this just provides that opportunity to do so,” said Larson.

The council felt that the film shines a light on similar issues that teens today are facing (i.e. cliques, bullying, substance use, mental health, sexual health, social and cultural barriers. The goal is for members of the community to come to the free movie; with parents/caregivers or other adults and youth attending together.

From there, with the help of discussion guides and conversation starters, be encouraged to go home and have open dialogue on these various topics.

“There are generations that have watched the movie and now they have the opportunity to watch it with youth and a whole different generation,” said Larson. “It’s a great intergenerational conversation opportunity.”

The admission will be free will donations, with funds going directly toward youth programming and services offered by the Bee Inspired Program through Building Families.

The concession stand will be open, and patrons will be responsible for purchasing their own snacks.

Due to the topics discussed in the film, it is Rated R.

Larson explained that it is up to parents’ discretion on whether or not their children should attend the showing.

DISCLAIMER: This classic ’80s movie was originally Rated R due to its mature themes, profanity, and sensitive content (i.e. substance use and sexual health topics). Therefore, the council is leaving it up to the discretion of parents and/or caregivers on whether their youth attend the event. Youth under the age of 18 must attend with an adult. For those with concerns, below are resources and reviews on the film.

•Common Sense Media: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/movie-reviews/the-breakfast-club • IMDB: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0088847/?ref=m_nv_sr_1

The mission of the Bee Inspired CAPP Program is to empower all youth to make healthy informed decisions through education and community awareness in Hamilton, Humboldt, and Wright Counties. This includes increasing youth and adult conversations. It is important for parents, caregivers, and other adults to be Askable, Build Bridges with youth by using teachable moments to talk about “tough topics”, and Continue to Learn ways to “bee approachable”.

For questions or information on the free movie or the Bee Inspired Program, individuals may contact Bee Inspired CAPP Program Coordinator, Tiffany Larson, at (515) 602-6371 (ext. 4), (515) 835-1836 or email beeinspiredcappprogram@gmail.com.


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