Bee Inspired program gives ‘Triple A’ recognition

Tri-county recipients selected for Approachable Adult Awards

Kris Flaugh

May was Teen Empowerment Month and The Triple A — Approachable Adult Award — was presented to three community members from Hamilton, Humboldt and Wright counties.

The Bee Inspired CAPP Program announced the winners of this distinguished award to Kris Flaugh of Hamilton County, Kris Mickelson of Humboldt County, and Randy Andrews of Wright County for their work with youths and for being approachable adults for teens. The award recipients received Bee Inspired “swag bags” and plaques thanking them for their dedication to youth in the tri-county area.

Prom and graduation season, followed by the long summer months tend to be a time when risky behaviors increase for youth, according to Bee Inspired CAPP Coordinator Tiffany Larson. She said the Bee Inspired Council’s mission is that all youth be empowered to make healthy informed decisions through education and community awareness. Having approachable adults are fundamental to teens success. Approachable adults are the ones who inspire and motivate teens to stick to their goals and encourage them to be healthy and successful. The recipients of this award do just that, Larson said.

Criteria for the “Triple A” were the adults had to be considered askable, meaning they actively listen and provide feedback in a nonjudgmental manner. Secondly, they had to be someone who strives to build bridges with youths by engaging them in conversation and activities. These special adults use “teachable moments” when the opportunity knocks, Larson said, and they not only educate youth on healthy behaviors like brushing their teeth and eating their vegetables, but also cover “tough topics” like relationships, self-esteem, body image, drugs and alcohol, and sexual health. Lastly, the Approachable Adult had to be someone that continues to learn ways to enrich youth-adult connections. This could be through community and youth involvement, positive youth development, service-learning projects, attending workshops or classes for ongoing learning and mentoring, and more. Awardees had to live and/or work in Hamilton, Humboldt, or Wright County, be a parent/caregiver, teacher/educator, coach, neighbor, mentor, role model, and be someone who shows good character and demonstrates a positive impact with youth.

Kris Flaugh was nominated for her help and support to a Hamilton County family. During the school year, a teen felt comfortable enough to talk to Mrs. Flaugh about her challenges, and Flaugh provided the help and support that she needed. Flaugh is an approachable adult because “she really cares about you and the things you are going through.  She is someone that you can trust to not go tell everyone what you have talked about unless it is absolutely necessary,” said the individual submitting the nomination. Flaugh was also described as being “one of the most genuine and kind people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.”

Randy Andrews

Kris Mickelson was described by her nominator as being wonderful, kind, generous, giving, patient, funny, and above all, lovable. Mickelson helps teach a group of girls in 4-H safe ways to be around horses and helps them get show-ready. Mickelson donates her time and energy to help this group achieve their goals. She does this by going to practices, taking them to shows, and spending quality time with them. Not only has she helped this group go far, but also she has helped them establish a group of friends that have grown up together. Mickelson was recently in a car accident, and the individual felt this was perfect timing to showcase just how much her kindness plays a part to support Humboldt County youth. The individual added, “I think Kris deserves the Triple A award because she has helped this 4-H group of girls for the last two years, and I myself, as a parent, can see how much of an impact she has made on all these girls’ lives. In addition, I am just amazed at what a wonderful, bright person she is to be around. I am also thankful for her dedication and passion she is passing on to this group of girls.”

Randy Andrews, who was nominated by an Eagle Grove youth and parent who shared, “he is more than a coach, he is a mentor to the boys that he works with.” Andrews is described as being someone who treats every child like they’re important, donates his personal time and money to help kids succeed, and encourages kids to be able to do things that they only dreamed of doing. Mr. Andrews encouraged a youth to conquer his fear of the hurdles while in track. With Andrews’ coaching, the teen saw success.

Larson thanked all of the individuals who nominated adults in the three counties. For more information on the Bee Approachable Award (Triple A), the Bee Inspired Program, or the Advisory Council feel free to contact Tiffany Larson, the Bee Inspired Program Coordinator, at ( 515) 602-6371 (ext. 4) or beeinspiredcappprogram@gmail.com. Connect to the program online at bee-inspired.org.


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