Knock, knock …

Silly spring concert held at NEH filled with jokes, music, fun

— Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Teresa Wood Conor Campbell's delivery of a Knock Knock joke cracked up the audience and his classmates at the Northeast Hamilton Silly Spring Concert on Tuesday night as NEH Music Director Elizabeth Schwake prompts performers.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Little old lady.

Little old lady who?

I didn’t know you could yodel!

The Northeast Hamilton Fifth and Sixth Grade band performed three selections at the Silly Spring concert on Tuesday night. 

That one of the knee slappers delivered at the Northeast Hamilton Silly Spring Concert Tuesday night.

Under the direction of Music Teacher Elizabeth Schwake and accompanied on the piano by Matt Schutt, the elementary school students sang a variety of silly songs and kept the audience giggling with their jokes.

The Kindergarten students sang “The Wheels on the Car”, “Michael Finnegan” and “I’ve Been Cleaning Up My Bedroom.”

The First and Second Grade students started off their performance with “Tell Me a Joke”.  “A Wild & Wacky Western Tune,” was sung with a refrain by the students performing with rhythm sticks. Their final set was “Talk to the Animals.”

The Third and Fourth Grade students performed “Oh, How I Love the Opera” and “Save a Piece of Pizza for Me”. The Fourth Grade students were featured on recorders performing “There’s a Hole in the Bucket” and “Shades of Blue.”

 The Northeast Hamilton First and Second Grade students sang and delivered jokes during the Silly Spring Concert at the Blairsburg school on Tuesday night.

The Fifth and Sixth Grade students completed the choral portion of the program by performing “Tongue Twister”, “Bop Shu-Wop” and “LOL!”

The Fifth and Sixth Grade Band, under the direction of Rachel Daum, performed “Let’s Go Band.” The Fifth Grade students performed “Hey Song” and the Sixth Grade students performed “Mission: Impossible” accompanied by flutist Elizabeth Schwake.

Student artwork, under the direction of Ben Hobart, was on display before and after the concert.


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