Springing into action

Students explore their passions and take action

— Daily Freeman-Journal photos by Megan Burney Merecedes Wright works on a painting during Spring Term at Webster City High School.

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Editor’s Note — Megan Burney, a student at Webster City High School and an aspiring journalist, job shadowed at the DFJ during Spring Term.

Bar Rafaeli once said, “Have the passion, take the action and magic will happen.” Kids are told all the time to explore new things, engage in their passions and to create something out of it. Here at the Webster City High School, students are doing just that.Spring Term took place from February 20 to March 10. In just two short weeks, students chose a “passion project” and created something that they could be proud of.

The students at WCHS are “springing into action” as they participate in the “Spring Term.” Sally Greenfield, a guidance counselor at WCHS, tells all. “The Spring Term is an opportunity for students to figure out their passions in life and to dive into them.” Greenfield said, “It also gives an opportunity for students to job shadow, explore colleges, careers, and to develop projects.”

Sally Greenfield

The spring term is also a beneficial chance to develop lifelong skills.

“Students learn responsibility, time management, and many employable skills that can not always be taught within a classroom,” said Greenfield.

When asked about her opinion on the idea of the spring term, Greenfield said, “I’ve watched the light bulb go on in students these past two weeks, as they discover possibilities for career employment…I thought this was a fantastic opportunity, I loved to watch the students grow.”

When given the opportunity to explore their passions and create a project of choice, these high schoolers couldn’t wait to take this challenge head on. “I chose to take on an art project for my passion project,” said Merecedes Wright, a senior at the high school. “The best thing about the spring term was that we got the opportunity to do what we wanted to do.”

WCHS students had the chance to dive on into the real world and experience possible career choices. Teagan Gourley, a freshman at WCHS, decided to job shadow event planner, Kelly Haman. Haman is the special events coordinator at Briggs Woods Golf Course in Webster City. “I got to job shadow her at a business meeting,” said Gourley. “She gave me tips about the business.”

Teagan Gourley

After job shadowing and interviewing Haman, Gourley said, “I liked meeting all the different people, and using real world skills and getting an end result.”