Duffel bag for a change

Teen project to benefit foster children

Kylie Lantz

Special to the

Daily Freeman-Journal

Another way that students could get involved was by creating a project they felt passionate about.

Kylie Lantz, a sophomore at Webster City High School, created a project for the community. Lantz decided for her passion project to take action and hold a fundraiser for foster children. The idea for the fundraiser stemmed from the foster kids coming from foster homes into new homes, with only a trash bag to hold their possessions. This fundraiser gives more kids the opportunity to have a legitimate bag to hold their personal belongings.

“I wanted to do something for a cause, I want to see where I could take it,” stated Lantz.

Donations that could be made are clothing items, like socks, toys, personal hygiene products, blankets, school supplies, playing cards, colors, photo albums, and more.

To help Lantz achieve her goal and to help current foster children, WCHS is taking donations now. Anyone who wishes to contribute to this cause, can drop off all donations at the main office at WCHS.

Throughout the past two weeks, WCHS students have embraced their passions and taken initiative. While participating in Spring Term, WCHS also impacted the community. Many students are coming up with ways to make a difference in the world and trying to make their ideas known. WCHS, as well as the community, strongly encourages kids to explore their passions, to spring into action, and to not be afraid acknowledge their talents.

What is your passion?