Queen MaKayla to reign

MaKayla Tapper, 17 of Webster City, was crowned the Hamilton County Fair Queen Wednesday night.

Tapper, the daughter of Brandon and Lisa Tapper, was also named Miss Congeniality.

Tannah Schroeder, 19, Radcliffe, the daughter of Mark and Julie Schroeder, was the first runner up. Raquel Holt, 19, Ellsworth, the daughter of ?Tim and Jean Holt, was the second runner up and was also named Miss Leadership.

Other members of the court include Taylor Elliott, 18, Webster City, the daughter of Greg Elliott and Alesia Ridenour; Chloe McCollough, 18, Stratford, the daughter of Patrick and Angela Nepereny, and Doug McCollough; Taylor Olson, 17, Ellsworth, the daughter of Dan and Julie Olson; Bryanna Paulson, 18, Webster City, is the daughter of Lisa Randall and Dan Paulson; Salena Schmitz, Ellsworth, 18, the daughter of Susan Schmitz and Chelsey Wagoner of Webster City, the 18-year-old daughter of Jaime Roelfs, and Jason and Kara Wagoner.

With tears in her eyes, Lillian Chamness, 2015 Queen, thanked the crowd, her family, and this year’s queen contestants for their time and support.

Humboldt Mutual Insurance presented a $500 scholarship to Tapper, the newly-crowned 2016 Hamilton County Fair Queen.

The 2016 Hamilton County Fair Queen Coronation was hosted by Afton Holt, who introduced each contestant and asked them a series of questions about why they enjoyed the fair queen contestant process and what their future plans are.

Holt also introduced the three escorts for the evening’s activities. Hunter Draeger, Nick Nuehring, and Matthew Schroeder led each contestant down the grandstand. All three escorts donned their FFA jackets.

Erin Anderson performed “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Tennie Carlson, fair board member, thanked the board, their spouses, and the kids for all of the hours they put in to make this year’s fair happen. Carlson also thanked attendees.

All contestants were given bottled water during the program to help beat the high temperatures.