Joining of two clinics proceeds

Aug. 1 is the official transition date for one of the biggest projects going on at Van Diest Medical Center – the joining of Webster City Medical Clinic with Van Diest Family Health Clinic.

VDMC Chief Executive Officer said that while the project is huge, the transition is moving along. She said Tuesday night during the hospital’s Board of Trustees meeting that staff met with WCMC personnel earlier in the day and had been working through the transition plan.

“They touched on the Cerner training to what equipment is coming over to employment contracts for providers and the onboarding of staff,” she said. “There’s been a lot of communication of late with employees at Webster City Medical Clinic. We’re just extremely pleased. We’re focused on creating this special environment for our patients.”

Rathbun admitted the timeline for transition was very aggressive with the Aug. 1 start date.

“We’re going to be visiting with Dr. Subhash Sahai tomorrow on same major decisions that need to be made in order to accomplish that start,” she said, adding, “We’re all looking forward to it.”

She thanked the staff and management of Webster City Medical Clinic.

“They’ve been very gracious and welcoming to us as we well be to them when they come on board,” Rathbun said.

VDMC announced on June 1 that Webster City Medical Clinic had signed a Letter of Intent with the hospital, with the expectation is that WCMC would join the Van Diest Family Health Clinic team to become one comprehensive primary-care practice serving Hamilton County.

Rathbun said one of the biggest hurdles was the merging the electronic records systems of both clinics. The hospital and hospital clinic recently went live with the new Cerner electronic health records system.

Rathbun also said that recruitment efforts for the hospital and clinic were continuing. She said recently an orthopedic surgeon had visited and administration was in talks with another family practice provider. A general surgeon had also made a visit to the medical campus, according to Rathbun.

Interviews are continuing this week for a new chief nursing officer. Former CNO?Janet Naset-Payne has moved on from the hospital. Rathbun said team interviews would be held on Thursday for the position.

Capital requests totaling $331,353.52 were approved at the meeting Tuesday. The requests included an x-ray machine which will be installed in the Van Diest Family Health Clinic. A?build-out will be required for the new clinic equipment. Rathbun said.

Other capital requests approved included a hematology analyzer for the hospital lab, fetal monitors for obstetrics, and a laptop for the anesthesia department.

Rathbun announced that there would be no July board meeting for the hospital trustees.