Ambulance to be donated to WCFD

FORT?DODGE?- The Fort Dodge police and fire departments are getting some new vehicles as a result of City Council action Monday.

In the process of upgrading the city’s emergency vehicle fleet, the council also donated an old ambulance to the Webster City Fire Department.

The council approved the purchase of a new ambulance for the Fire Department from Klocke’s Emergency Vehicles for $210,000. That firm is a dealer for Lifeline Emergency Vehicles, of Sumner, which will actually make the ambulance on a Ford chassis.

The purchase of the new ambulance will enable the Fire Department to get rid of a 2001 model ambulance that was bought used in 2011. It was the first unit the city bought when the Fire Department began providing ambulance service to support Trinity Regional Medical Center.

Assistant Fire Chief Lenny Sanders said the city could try to auction off the old unit. However, he said he doubted it would bring in much money because of its condition. He proposed donating it to the Webster City Fire Department, which plans to use it to tow a boat and carry water rescue gear.

The council voted unanimously to declare the ambulance to be surplus and then donate it to Webster City.

“‘It just shows a good partnership with Webster City,” Councilman Dean Hill said.