Proposed sale Rodlyn Road house OK’d

An offer to purchase city-owned property at 2405 Rodlyn Road, Webster City, was approved by the Webster City City Council for $168,000 on Monday night.

The buyers asked for 3 contingencies – their current house must be sold, a radon test must be done, and a $2,500 allowance for basement stairwell repairs. The property had been listed at $175,000.

“You have somebody that is wanting it and working towards getting their home sold, said Tyler Abens of Abens Realty.

“Is it worth considering countering or is it something that we want to proceed forward with and accept the offer? Weighing both I think, at this point, I would probably lean towards the offer as well,” said Councilman Matt McKinney.

“I think all of the records will show we’ve been very conservative with tax payer dollars and at this point to hold out for possibly a couple grand if they countered us again, I think it would slow down the momentum, and cause frustration with an already clumsy and slow-moving process,” said Councilman Logan Welch, “I think the offer is good and fair.”

Keith Driver was present at the council meeting to update the council on VeroBlue.

“It’s been a long year trying to get this project put together. To put this in context, once complete, this will be the largest land-based fish farm in North America. It’s taken a lot to convince the world and the markets that putting fifty million dollars into aquaculture in Webster City, Iowa is a good idea,” said Driver.

According to Driver, VeroBlue purchased the Kenco Building during earlier this year.

“I can tell you that the utility and mortgage payments are coming out and we were out there mowing the lawn today. I’ve got the keys and we’ve got stuff in storage,” said Driver, “If there’s been an issue, we’ll resolve it.”

Right now the building is being used as a storage warehouse. Driver has plans to put 5 of the 48 tank farms in that building. Driver said that they are waiting on an investment committee to give them their final approvals.

“We have put a lot of effort in, our staff and team,” said Driver, “We worked with the city on how to manage water in and out of the building.”

Driver also plans to put a well in at the site to get raw water directly to the site. The design has also been altered to now include a multi-million dollar wastewater treatment plant so that they would not be “taxing on the city’s facilities.”

Driver said a partnership has been formed between Mary Ann’s Specialty Foods and VeroBlue for processing.

The proposed plans and specifications and proposed form of contract and estimate of cost for the construction of the Riverside Stormwater Wetland, an urban water quality demonstration project was approved. A resolution to approve the proposed plans and specification and proposed form of contract and estimate of cost for the construction of the Riverside Stormwater Wetland, an urban water quality demonstration project. The contract for the construction of the Riverside Stormwater Wetland, an urban water quality demonstration project, was awarded to The Tile Pros, Webster City, in the amount of $169,207.29.

Mayor John Hawkins proclaimed the month of June as Community Beautification Month. Hawkins also brought up the upcoming city-wide clean up on June 3 from noon to 4 p.m. and June 4 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Webster City Middle School parking lot. Those who are unable to dispose of items can call the city at (515) 832-9193 for assistance.

“We still need volunteers at the middle school to help load and unload garbage,” said Hawkins, “If anyone can help us it would be appreciated.”

Lindsay Henderson was appointed to the Civil Service Commission for the term ending the first Monday in April of 2020.

The council approved a finance plan and authorized proceeding with the issuance of general obligation bonds in the amount of $4,690,000. The council also approved a resolution authorizing the use of a Preliminary Official Statement for the sale of bonds. The bonds will mature on June 1, 2025. Principle due is payable on June 1 starting in 2017 and principle will be due twice a year.

The council approved a resolution authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into an agreement with Bolton and Menk, Inc., Ames, for engineering services in connection with the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

A request from the street department to purchase a snow plow from Henderson Products, Inc., Manchester, was approved.

The second reading of a proposed ordinance amending Chapters 141 and 198 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Webster City, Iowa, 1996, pertaining to permit fees for 2016, 2017, and 2018 was approved.

A motion authorizing entering into an agreement with T&D Handyman Services, Webster City, for nuisance mowing services within the corporate limits of Webster City was approved by the council.

The council approved a resolution approving the increase in contract amount and extension of contract completion date to the 2016 Street Improvement Project with Vieth Construction, Cedar Falls.

Amendments to the current budget for the fiscal year ending Jun 30, 2016 were approved by the council.