Police deliver baby at Dairy Queen

Webster City Police Officers assisted in the delivery of a baby on Friday afternoon.

At approximately 1:15 p.m. on Friday, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Communication Center received a 911 call of a woman whose water had broken in the Dairy Queen parking lot. Captain Tony Janssen and Officer Dylan Bouge responded and assisted in the delivery of a baby girl. Shortly after birth, the Van Diest Medical Center arrived on scene and transported the mother and baby to the Van Diest Medical Center for evaluation.

Officers say mom and baby are all doing well.

Chief Shiloh Mork said, “I am very proud of Captain Janssen and Officer Bouge. Their training and dedication to the community they serve was demonstrated today. Both of these officers are examples of professionalism. In a time where public opinion of law enforcement is at a low, an incident like this shows the officers for who they really are, protectors of society and servers of their community.”