Iowa Central presents President’s and Dean’s lists for fall 2023

President’s List (4.0 GPA, minimum 6 credit hours)

Brynn Heideman, Belmond

Trinity Carter, Blairsburg

Makayla Beisel, Clarion

Austin Bierl, Clarion

Nicholas Carpenter, Clarion

Wyatt Decoster, Clarion

Sydney Friesleben, Clarion

Preston Gardner, Clarion

Tate Jackson, Clarion

Thomas Klaver, Clarion

Giselle Madrigales-Jose, Clarion

Ellie Mewes, Clarion

Joshua Moore, Clarion

Olyvia Olson, Clarion

Cloey Reese, Clarion

Ethan Traub, Clarion

Carl Berglund, Dayton

Rozalyn Osborne, Dayton

Stephan Cook, Duncombe

Rachel Halbach, Duncombe

Joleah Stuhr, Duncombe

Jillian Symens, Duncombe

Keyara Tigner, Duncombe

Liliana Calles Huse, Eagle Grove

Evan Cooper, Eagle Grove

Monica Covington, Eagle Grove

Elinor Jensen, Eagle Grove

Kaylynn Kepler, Eagle Grove

Emma Lalor, Eagle Grove

Ariane Lyman, Eagle Grove

Tarissa Middleton, Eagle Grove

Mack Morgan, Eagle Grove

Brooklyn Osborn, Eagle Grove

Clayton Powgnas, Eagle Grove

Braxton Steil, Eagle Grove

Tanna Thompson, Ellsworth

Carson Nesheim, Goldfield

Levi Rasmussen, Goldfield

Naydia Rasmussen, Goldfield

Jordyn Roosa, Goldfield

Brandon Seaba, Goldfield

Nicholas Sisson, Goldfield

Harley Eckert, Lehigh

Brooke Trammell, Lehigh

Kyler Troutwine, Lehigh

Savanaha Runge, Radcliffe

Jessica Cherryholmes, Roland

Dillon Lettow, Roland

Michael Lewis, Stanhope

Celeste Figueroa, Thor

Ava McIntire, Thor

Claire Bailey, Webster City

Delainey Bargfrede, Webster City

Meredith Binder, Webster City

Ella Bolen, Webster City

Jesse Crutcher, Webster City

Allisa Fox, Webster City

Dilcia Franco, Webster City

Olivia Gallentine, Webster City

Keegan Hisler, Webster City

Riley Jensen, Webster City

Rebecca Kenville, Webster City

Briar Klaver, Webster City

Kaden Massman, Webster City

Shaelyn McKee, Webster City

Lane McVicker, Webster City

McKenzie Mishler, Webster City

Bonnie Nohrenberg, Webster City

Sydney Oswald, Webster City

Kaelyn Richardson, Webster City

Cody Seiser, Webster City

Joshua Stansfield, Webster City

Chelsy Velasco, Webster City

Dean’s List (3.5-3.99 GPA, minimum 6 credit hours)

Lucas Parcel, Blairsburg

Jenah Range, Blairsburg

Marah Range, Blairsburg

Mitch Christians, Clarion

Gabrielle Egland, Clarion

Diego Gonzalez, Clarion

Caden Hankins, Clarion

Kaleb King, Clarion

Colin Kirstein, Clarion

Perla Padilla, Clarion

Calvin Schluttenhofer, Clarion

Shelby Warnke, Clarion

Linda Yanez, Clarion

Ava Brunner, Dayton

Lane Jones-Popp, Dayton

Bryce Brinkman, Dows

Addyson Beaulieu, Duncombe

Caitlyn Gapp, Duncombe

Noah Griswold, Duncombe

Victor Barron, Eagle Grove

Jose Cabrera, Eagle Grove

Ashley Deleon, Eagle Grove

Ayden Feske, Eagle Grove

Sabrina Flumerfelt, Eagle Grove

Shelby Gustafson, Eagle Grove

Carrie Hamilton, Eagle Grove

Zachary Hogrefe, Eagle Grove

Ava Kienzle, Eagle Grove

Noel Kovacs, Eagle Grove

Kenya Martinez-Ramos, Eagle Grove

Natalie Pedersen, Eagle Grove

Ashley Ramirez-Marcelino, Eagle Grove

Brooke Terwilliger, Eagle Grove

Kennedy Thacker, Eagle Grove

Evan Thul, Eagle Grove

Brooke Cross, Ellsworth

Nathan Ely, Kamrar

Kadin Luhmann, Lehigh

Landon Vangilder, Lehigh

Wyatt Frank, Stratford

Kylee Gregory, Stratford

Camaro Snell, Stratford

Shawna Banse, Thor

Braden Doering, Webster City

Carson Doolittle, Webster City

Kendyl Felts, Webster City

Paige Griffin, Webster City

Brooklyn Griffith, Webster City

Kennedy Halling, Webster City

Connor Hanson, Webster City

Steve Hanson, Webster City

Isabella Hindt, Webster City

Kaitlyn Lovelace, Webster City

Sean Mathias, Webster City

Kathryn Millner, Webster City

Bailey Moore, Webster City

Isaac Mouw, Webster City

Owen Muongnamvong, Webster City

Madisen Pulis, Webster City

Blake Seiser, Webster City

Rori Snethen, Webster City

Andy Sweazey, Webster City

Madeline Teague, Webster City

Ellie Weinschenk, Webster City

Madelyn Wood, Webster City

Samuel Youngdale, Webster City

Shelbie Bennett, Woolstock

Codey Berg, Woolstock


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