Auditions set for next WCCT show

Auditions for Webster City Community Theatre’s production of “Murder at Dry West Fork Gulch” will be held Sunday, Jan. 16, at 2 p.m. and Monday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. Scripts are now available for 3-day checkout at Kendall Young Library. Try-outs will consist of readings from the script.

Production dates are March 10-13..

In view of the current surge in cases of coronavirus, face masks are required while in the theatre. To ensure a safe environment during rehearsals and performances, all cast and crew members must be fully vaccinated.

Written and directed by Sally Evans of Stanhope, “Murder at Dry West Fork Gulch” is a murder mystery set in the Wild West and everyone in town is a suspect. Come join the fun and match wits with the Sheriff Will Burp and Deputy Dan as they try to weed out the culprit. Could it be the new schoolmarm, Miss Priss? How about Ben or Jerry, owners of the Livery Stable? Or there’s a new widow in town, Mrs. Holiday. And what about other townspeople who may have pasts they haven’t shared? So many suspects. So many laughs, not to mention a little music thrown in for good measure.

There are roles for 7 men and 5 women.

Cassie Needlemeyer: Owner of the General Store; well liked, level-headed, has a past plus some new secrets.

Mrs. Holiday: New to town; just bought local hotel; has a past; snooty, uppity, rich

Jerry Morris: Co-owner of livery; big, lovable galoot

Ben Morris: Co-owner of livery; very protective of his little brother

Miss Priss: The new schoolmarm; friendly, young, curious

Sheriff Will Burp: White hat-wearing good guy; wholesome, dedicated.

Sal Uhn: Devoted wife of Ernie, saloon owner; gentle soul but has some grit;

Ernie Uhn: Owner of saloon; easygoing, friendly, helpful; loves his wife

Deputy Dan: Content to be side-kick; conscientious about his job

Fred Stead: Undertaker, uncharacteristically happy for someone in his profession

Ma Gherkin: Owner of Ma’s, a crusty widow lady; clever and possibly clairvoyant

Old Jess, Prospector: Local prospector; has very little to say.


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