Students in the Arts announces winter term students

Kindergarten through 12th-grade students in Webster City Community School District have been recognized for excellence by their instructors for winter term in the performing and visual arts programs at their five school buildings.

Elementary Art and Music

Northeast Hamilton Elementary

Art – Seph Hook, Enaveyah Arellano, Adrian Ramos, Lily Mourlam, Kendra Kohl, Pryor Taylor, Rosemary Chamness

Music – Sophia Lopez, Kase Yeager, Nya Wagner, Hayden Tapper, Hayden Keane, Emma Thompson, Lovie Pruismann

Pleasant View Elementary

Art – Tinley Turner, Hadlee Johnson, Donnee Change, Carianna Somvong, Laikyn Schnitzer, Albert Bautista

Music – Jamie Candelario, Oliva Fisher, Lauren Ehn, Landry Petersburg, Koen Brim, Charley Christensen

Sunset Heights Elementary

Art – Kathryn Hicok, Aspen Birkey, My Hoang, Tiffany Noriega Borjas, Lexi Khaleet, Vanessa Larreynaga Rodriguez, Harper Riley, Dayana Fernandez Rodriguez

Music – Brecken Maas, Halie Anderson, Kennedy Olmstead, Addy Thompson, Cameron Toftee, Reid Larson, Sadie Rippentrop, Kendra Schultz

Middle school Vocal, Band and Art

Webster City Middle School

Art – Briley Van Deer, Arianna Reed, Jasmin Venegas, Cael Nixon

Band – Evie Davis, Isabel Grossoehme, Jackson Meyer, Colton Schroeder

Choirs (vocal and general music) – Owen Anderson, Efrain Calles-Arniaz, Sylvia Otteros, Gabe Ruby

High school Vocal, Band, Orchestra, Art and Theater

Webster City High School

Vocal music – Shaelyn McKee, Andrew Pulis, Tucker Murray, Echo Bearden

Band – Cody Seiser, Rori Snethen, Allison Oswald, Kyle Chieng

Art – Sasha Hayden, Annastacia Iverson, Zach Dyvig, Kaelyn Butz

Theater – Annastacia Iverson, Shelby Queen, Jack Lahr, Alyssa Delaney


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