Windmill installed at Heartland Museum

CLARION – Heartland Museum started discussions two years ago that a windmill would be a good addition to the complex. On May 20th, that discussion became a reality.

When the Board of Directors were discussing how windmills were an integral part of any farm for years, Larry Maasdam mentioned that he had the base of a windmill. Heartland needed to purchase a “head’ and fan to make the windmill complete. With a grant from the Wright County Charitable Foundation, that was made possible. Heartland spent a like amount to finish erecting the windmill. Ted Brigger provided the labor to paint the fans of the windmill.

The American windmill was developed in 1854, and was used on farms to pump water from the ground up to where it could be used. Some windmills dumped water directly into a holding tank or watering trough; but most came with a hand operated pump. The farmer would pump the handle up and down several times until the water streamed out. Later, with electricity, a pump could be installed and the water would come out by lifting the pump handle.

The windmill is located west of the 4-H schoolhouse.

Heartland is located at 119-9th St. SW, Clarion, Iowa. For more information, call 515-602-6000.


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