Travelers tour Eastern Europe

WC?group visits significant World War II?sites

— Submitted photo

A group of local Webster City history buffs recently took a 10-day tour of Eastern Europe.

The first stop was at Krakow, Poland where they toured the Town Square, the former ghetto and Schindler’s Factory. Krakow was Pope John Paul’s hometown.

They then toured Auschwitz and Birkenau in which 1.1 million people were murdered during World War II. Their next stop was Prague in the Czech Republic. This was a beautiful city where the travelers visited castles and the famous Charles Bridge.

Germany was next with the first stop Dresden. This city was destroyed during World War II, but it was completely rebuilt back to its splendor. One of the highlights in this city was the Museum of Communism. The Czech Republic and Poland were all under communist control after the war.

The last city stop was Berlin. There, they toured Kaiser Wilhelm’s Memorial Church, the Reichstag, the Jewish Museum, the Museum of the Gestapo (named Topography of Terror) and Wannsee. Wansee is a suburb of Berlin where the higher echelon of the Nazi party planned the Final Solution to rid them of the Jewish population.

Participants said the trip was a wonderful, educational trip with only the heat putting a damper on things. Germany was experiencing a heat wave with a high of 101 degrees which was very unusual for the region.

The travelers, pictured in the photo, were, front row, Trent Mason, Kyle Chieng and Jenny Chieng; second row, Jack Mason, Lydia Estlund, Garrett Whitmore, Olivia Tasler, Erin Tasler and Roger Garvey; third row, Jeromy Estlund, Aamon Garvey, Tyler Carlson, Will Tasler, Greg Tasler and Rick Carlson.