George Reeves Memorial to award scholarship

High school seniors from Woolstock invited to apply

The George Reeves Memorial will be awarding a $500 scholarship to any high school senior from Woolstock (city or rural), no matter which school district they attend.

Applications are available at Woolstock City Hall, now until April 19; open Wednesdays 1 to 4 p.m., and Fridays 4 to 6:30 p.m. Due date is April 25. All applications must be sent to the address listed on the form.

The three criteria most important to this scholarship are: The Arts (music, drama, art); Language Arts (includes Speech, foreign language, journalism/yearbook, etc.); Sports and Sporting Clubs (clubs- includes sports outside of high school, like gymnastics, rodeo, frisbee golf, Iowa Games, etc.); and Volunteerism (both individually or in a group). Applicants should have a plan to attend community/technical college, 4 year college/university, or National Guard/military.

George Reeves had a deep foundation in the arts, sports, and served in the US Army Corps in WWII. All his extracurricular activities prepared him for future roles as an actor, for his special assignments in the war, and for his charitable work with children around the country. We would like to award this scholarship to an individual who best embodies him.

George Reeves Memorial is a non-profit charitable organization. Board members include: Deb Brown (Webster City), Lisa Dunham (Renton, WA), Elisa Guyader (Urbandale), Samantha McClanahan (Kansas City, KS), Curt Miner (Cedar Rapids), and Rita Urrutia de Guyader (Woolstock). For more information, contact Veronica Guyader, 515-839-5764.