Business donates to MOW

—Submitted photo Pictured above, from left to right, are Jamie Miller, Alison Studer, Mary Long, Meals on Wheels Director, and Jean Miller.

North Central Turf & Landscaping has donated $5,000 to the local Meals on Wheels program, and owners Kurt and Jean Miller have matched the company’s donation with an additional donation of $5,000.

North Central Turf has donated to the program for the last five years, but after hearing some program volunteers on KQWC discussing how the program was in financial trouble this year, The Turf decided they were able to be extra generous in 2019.

“The people of Webster City have been very good to us for the last 33 years,” said Kurt Miller. “Meals on Wheels is one way that we like to give back. It’s a great program and we’re very happy to support it,” He said.

Jean Miller’s mother, Helen Murphy, was a meals on wheels recipient for many years. “Having someone come to her door each day at 11:30 with a smile and a warm meal just made her days so much brighter,” said Jean Miller. “By donating to Meals on Wheels, we hope this special program will continue to run for a long time.”

Kurt and Jean Miller’s son, Jamie Miller, manager of The Turf, and daughter, Alison Studer, marketing director and landscape designer for The Turf, both remember delivering Meals on Wheels while in middle school at Webster City.

“It was a special day when you got pulled from class to go deliver meals, part because you got to make someone’s day, and part because you could get out of class,” said Jamie Miller

Meals on Wheels is meal delivery service for seniors started in 1971 that runs 100% on volunteers and donations. They deliver warm, nutritious meals five days a week to about 40 individuals in Webster City. Last year, meals on wheels delivered over 7,500 meals.