Organ donated to Jane Young House

— Submitted photo

Tis the season of giving, and the Women’s Club of Webster City, represented by President Donna Foster, recently received an early gift from residents, Jeff and Lezlie Severson. They donated this Estey parlor organ, manufactured in Brattleboro, VT between 1886 and 1888, which is believed to be from the Kendall and Jane Young home. Marvin Dally bought the organ at an Ivan Hargrave auction in the 1960’s. It was represented to Dally to have been given to Charlotte Crosley, who was the 2nd Librarian of the Kendall Young Library. In 1994, the Seversons were living at 1303 Willson Avenue, the former home of L.L. Treat, who was a lifelong business friend and neighbor of the Youngs. Seversons purchased the organ from Marvin Dally, who provided them with a written statement concerning the history of the organ. The organ now joins several other large pieces of furniture in the Jane Young House which were owned by the Youngs.