Little Princesses to reign

— Photo courtesy by D and M Photography The Williams Little Princesses are, front row from left, Zara Burton, Ava Otteros, Hattie Heiden, Mariel Moreno; back row, Hayden Keane, Emma Thompson and Hayden Tapper.

WILLAMS – The Williams Little Princesses are girls from Williams who have completed Kindergarten, First or Second Grade.The girls represent the City of Williams in the annual Lions Club Independence Day Parade. They will also be featured in the Little Princess program at 1:30 p.m. in the Williams City Park.

On the Fourth of July, they represent the City of Williams in the annual Independence Day Parade and are featured in a program at 1:30 in the gazebo in the park.

The Little Princesses this year are:

• Zara Burton is the daughter of Andy and Tyler Burton. She has two siblings, Justus and Tariq. Zara lived in Afghanistan when she was little and on the Fourth of July, she enjoys the fireworks.

• Ava Otteros is the daughter of Quin and Rachel Otteros and has a sister Sylvia. She is really good at playing the piano and her favorite things on the Fourth of July are the party and the fireworks.

• Hattie Heiden is the daughter of Anthony and Erin Heiden. She has a sister Magdalen and a brother Leo. Hattie is very nice and makes friends easily, and likes to ride in the parade and throw candy on the Fourth of July.

• Mariel Moreno is the daughter of Israel and Veronica Moreno. She has three siblings, Leslie, Katelynn and Jordan. Mariel loves animals, especially her miniature pony Bubbles and her dogs Dora and Diego. On the Fourth of July, she enjoys watching the fireworks.

• Hayden Keane is the daughter of Troy and Alison Keane. She has a brother Carsyn, a dog Pudding and a calf Skittles. Hayden likes being in the parade and playing games in the park on the Fourth of July.

• Emma Thompson is the daughter of Alex and JoAnna Thompson. She has a brother Jackson, and loves to take care of her dogs. On the Fourth of July, Emma enjoys participating in all the activities at the park.

• Hayden Tapper is the daughter of Andrew Tapper and Allyson Ersland. She has two siblings, Dillon and Austin. She likes all types of animals but no bugs. Hayden’s favorite thing to do on the Fourth of July is jumping in the Moon Bounce.