Trinity Lutheran Church growing in faith together

Trinity Lutheran Church of Webster City is excited to announce that the education program will have some changes to better suit the needs of the congregation and community. All education classes will be moved from Sunday morning to Wednesday evening. Trinity Lutheran church took an active look at the needs of members and realized that it is becoming increasingly difficult to participate in Sunday School with all of the sports and other activities, weekend travel, and other duties that fall on Sunday mornings. It is also the goal to have a format that helps support family based Christian education by including parents and children, as well as members of all ages

The new Wednesday evening format begins with an after school program for children K-6th grade. There will be snack time starting at 3:30 leading into some breakout rooms with activities, homework, reading, and game rooms. Children will be dropped off at Sunset School, and escorted to Trinity Lutheran Church be several adults, and chaperoned by adults and high school volunteers. The confirmation class will also be meeting at this time.

A fellowship supper will begin at 5:30, allowing all working parents and members time to arrive and join the after school children.

At 6:00, educational time that is similar to the traditional Sunday School format will begin. There will be classes for everyone age three to ninety-three, so that we all grow in faith together.

Finally the night will end with an informal worship service at 6:45. This allows a time of worship for those that have conflicts with the Sunday morning worship schedule.

Participants are not obligated to participate in the after school program or supper if that does not work.

The goal is to grow in faith together: together as a congregation, together as families, together as a community. The church also wants to honor the priorities of Trinity Lutheran: to intentionally include youth in congregation, to reach out and build relationships with our community, and to increase participation in our worship and education.