Play More Cards Day


Today is Play More Cards Day, a fitting time of year for it since some of us are staying inside a lot as we wait for spring and more a more pleasant season to be outside.

Cards get a bad rap some times, and it’s true that some card games can be dangerously addictive. But a card game can be a good source of entertainment–a great way to spend time with friends and family who just want to hang out and spend some time together laughing and relaxing.

I really prefer the type of card game that’s mostly social in nature, the kind that offers something to do with my hands while so I can visit with my partner and our opponents. That shows how competitive I am.

Years ago, I was invited to a card party (remember those?) that was more serious than my usual style, the kind where to start the evening everyone drew a card to determine which table they would start playing. There were two teams of two at each table. The point was to play well enough to win after four hands, and then the two winning partners would advance to the next table and the next if they kept winning. The goal was to make it to the head table and stay there.

So I applied myself and eventually made it to the head table. Before I sat down there, my partner pulled me aside to tell me that one of our opponents were quite intense and needed to win, so I should seriously pay attention. I remember thinking that it was time to take that man down. After all, we were there to have fun and enjoy the card game.

There was no visiting at that table, believe me. Amazingly, after four hands, my partner and I beat the other team! We had the high score for the evening. The partners we beat weren’t very pleasant about it, either.

One of my friends says he can’t even play games or cards because he is so competitive it ends up not being a good time for anyone. He could celebrate Play More Cards Day by himself playing solitaire, either with real cards or a game online. Some people just prefer the peace and quiet of playing cards alone.

But if you want to have some people in to have a card party, even a small one, choose a game you all enjoy. Another requirement is to have food for snacking. You can either snack along as you play, or stop the game to load up on food before you return to the table.

Either way, you can’t go wrong. It doesn’t get much better than passing time with food, friends, and a good hand of cards, almost any day of the year!