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The Mommy Chronicles

October 5, 2012
Anne Blankenship ( , The Daily Freeman Journal

It's finally getting colder. Our dogs both declined to spend time in the front yard this morning because it was cold and raining.

Normally they both prefer to spend time exploring the front yard to see if any other dogs have visited. Both of them enjoy sitting on the top step in the sunshine, surveying their little kingdom. On these nice afternoons, it's a great change of pace for the pooches. Guess everybody likes a distraction now and then.

We finally turned off the air conditioner the other night, though we haven't turned on the furnace yet, while we can still put on a sweater or cover up with a blanket. Depending on how cold it gets this might be the year I ask Larry for a Snuggie for christmas. I asked Daniel if he thought his dad would like a Snuggie, and he looked at me for a minute, and then replied "Is that anything like a wedgie? Because I don't think Dad would like that."

My husband and I - for some unknown reason - seem to buy more than our share of things that get advertised on TV. You know, the "Amazing Aluma wallet" and so forth. Usually we pick them up on clearance at the dollar store or at one of the big box stores. At one mall we've visited, there's an entire store dedicated to all the "must haves" from the TV infomercials. I think everyone is looking for that one gadget that will solve every problem they have. Unfortunately, life isn't a one size fits all problem.

On nights when I can't seem to get to sleep, I usually end up perusing the infomercials. There are scores of them on overnight - exercise programs, new kitchen gadgets, cleaning inventions and home decorating stuff. And each of them has a full studio audience who seem to hang on every word of the presenters and applaud on cue and oh and ah in all the appropriate places. Very well trained. I wonder if they're paid?Or maybe the just get one of the goodies being sold. Where do they find these people?

It seems to me that the reason we buy these things is because we've lost our ability to improvise. Life has gotten so easy and things have become so convenient that no one knows how to look at what they have and come up with a solution that isn't tailor made. My husband, Larry, is a great improviser. Sometimes it drives me crazy because I just want something done, and he'll spend half an hour figuring out how to do it with the tools and materials he has instead of just going to the hardware store.

"But honey, that's half the fun." he says.

While I appreciate his creativity, I really wish he was more focused on the task sometimes. But then life is a series of improvisations. And given that sometimes I just can't or won't think out of the box, I guess I'm glad to have someone who can McGuyver his way through life.



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