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Behavioral disorders and little brats

September 21, 2015 There have been some photo quotes on Facebook lately that have generated quiet “amens” from me. One of them read: “Discipline your children now so a prison guard won’t have to do it later. more »»

Fall fun for kids at KY Library

September 18, 2015 Fall is, in my humble opinion, one of the loveliest times of the year. more »»

Time moves faster than you think

September 18, 2015 It is hard to believe that I have been living and working in Webster City for over two months already. more »»

Fall is the time to fish the weedline

September 15, 2015 The weedline is a great place to find and catch fish all during the open water fishing season. Lots of anglers even work the weedline while ice-fishing. more »»

The fifth season of the year — mowing season

September 14, 2015 I wonder if one could say that we have more than four seasons of the year here in Iowa. more »»

ATMs celebrate an anniversary

September 14, 2015 If you grew up in a tiny farm town without a bank in the 1960s you learned to plan ahead financiall. more »»

Wild horses, wilder time

September 11, 2015 The Dayton Rodeo was, in short, a success. I got my fill of cowboys, funnel cake and diet coke. I will admit my fear of horses is lessening, but the great respect for them is still present. more »»

September and mental health

September 11, 2015 The mental health awareness topics for September can be categorized as traumatic. The topics are suicide, rape, abuse and incest. Trauma is not a black and white concept. more »»

The woes of big and tall

September 9, 2015 My cousin’s son, Jon, is a big guy ? at least 6’8” tall and solidly built. He recently posted on Facebook a sarcastic thank you to an airline for all the knee room on his plane. more »»

YSS celebrates capital campaign progress, National Recovery Month

September 9, 2015 Just two months after the public launch, Youth and Shelter Services of Hamilton County, a program of Youth and Shelter Services, is celebrating progress on the Building Brighter Futures for Youth... more »»

Some fishing ideas for fall

September 9, 2015 It’s time to start planning our fall fishing trips: Where we’ll go, what we’ll fish for, and how we’ll present our baits. more »»

Courtesy is not so common these days

September 9, 2015 `If you ever wonder about the status of common courtesy, I invite you to be a server in a high school lunch line. Don’t worry. It’s not awful, at least in my experience. Quite the contrary. more »»

Cowboys and Adri

September 4, 2015 I grew up in the boonies on a farm in Northwest Iowa. I learned to love animals, the outdoors and the blanket of stars that covered my sky each night. more »»

Your children are watching

September 4, 2015 Editor’s Note:?This guest view originated as a social media post to the Lynx Country sign alumni group. more »»

Collaboration is key to great event

September 2, 2015 Plans seem to be moving right along for RVTV which returns to Webster City Sept. 10. I’m sure that it will be a great time, judging by how much fun we had at the 2014 and 2013 RVTV?adventures. more »»

Corn rootworm beetles

September 1, 2015 Now that corn fields are maturing all over Iowa, many people have noticed a small green insect invading their gardens – the northern corn rootworm beetle. more »»

There’s still lots of time for fishing

September 1, 2015 Labor Day indicates to many people that the end of summer is near, and to some that means it’s time to put the boat and their rods and reels into storage. more »»

Nothing like a classic TV commercial

August 31, 2015 I don’t really watch much TV anymore. It has become background for whatever it is I’m doing at the moment: eating or cleaning or reading. more »»

Opa Gelder’s renewed rocking chair

August 31, 2015 A long time ago I inherited my maternal grandfather’s rocking chair. For many years it sat in our basement family and storage rooms. more »»

Four great reasons to try our eLibrary

August 28, 2015 It is, to quote Tom Hanks’ character from the popular rom-com You’ve Got Mail, that “bouquet of newly sharpened pencils” time of the year. more »»



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