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Dank—an attitude of gratitude

November 16, 2015 My maternal grandfather, Opa Gelder, was a teenager when he came to the United States from East Friesland in northwestern Germany. more »»

Why I’m thankful this year

November 13, 2015 Do you ever have those days when you wake up with a smile on your face? As Thanksgiving fast approaches, I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about the many things I am thankful for this... more »»

Thank you, veterans

November 13, 2015 When Veterans Day rolls around each year, those who have served our country are thanked for their sacrifice, time and bravery. more »»

Memorable fishing trips

November 10, 2015 Open water season in my part of the world is winding down. There might be a couple more trips in the boat, but I’m getting the ice-fishing stuff ready to go. more »»

Overfeeding houseplants

November 10, 2015 Most of you have heard the age old adage before – do not fertilize your houseplants during late fall and winter. more »»

Thank a veteran

November 9, 2015 “You couldn’t pay me enough to live those years over again,” he told me, “but I wouldn’t take a million dollars for those experiences, either. more »»

The Proustian phenomenon and aromatic memories

November 9, 2015 Have you ever smelled something that brought back a long ago memory? If so, you have experienced the “Proustian phenomenon. more »»

Reflecting on the city’s growth

November 6, 2015 My congratulations to Brian Miller and Jim Talbot on their election to City Council. I would also thank by soul-mate, Loween, for her continuing support during three election. more »»

‘I think your pants on are wrong’

November 6, 2015 Children are our future. Our influences on kids as parents, teachers, and society have the potential to positively impact them as they grow and lear. more »»

Procrastinators: Poor planners or overworked?

November 4, 2015 I came upon this article on procrastination and saved it for "later reading." Ha-ha-ha. Procrastination jokes are one of the best ways of putting off work. more »»

Encouraging civil discourse

November 4, 2015 When I'm traveling in the car or working around the house, I often like to listen to National Public Radio or the local affiliate Iowa Public Radio. more »»

Bur oak blight

November 3, 2015 With deciduous trees now shedding their leaves, one might wonder why the topic of bur oak blight would be a timely subjec. more »»

Time to make plans for winter

November 3, 2015 There was snow in the air last week. Not much, but enough to remind me of something that I didn’t need to be reminded of: Winter is getting closer. more »»

My legacy

November 2, 2015 “What You Leave Behind” was the title of a song I heard recently, and—probably as it was supposed to do—the lyrics got me thinking about what the legacy is that I will leave. more »»

The Middle Junction traffic report

November 2, 2015 When I lived in the Des Moines area I listened carefully to radio traffic reports each day. I would drive 10 miles out of my way to avoid sitting in a “parking lot” on the freeway. more »»

Get creative at the library

October 30, 2015 In one of our old family photo albums (for you younger readers, a throwback to the days before digital devices and digital photo-sharing), there’s a great photo of me in a giant Halloween zebra... more »»

Getting mentally prepared for winter

October 28, 2015 According to one television report I heard yesterday, northern parts of the state could see some snow later this week. Yikes, I’m not sure I’m ready for that. more »»

Houseplant acclimation

October 27, 2015 Lately, many questions have been received on houseplants brought back into the home after spending a summer vacation outsid. more »»

Northern Pike on Walleye gear

October 27, 2015 It happened again recently. We had a great plan for catching fish and the fish just didn’t get with the program that we were presenting. more »»

Extra time leads to extra work

October 26, 2015 On Friday morning I got up earlier than usual. I was awake and enjoying my nice cozy warm bed when I finally decided I should just get up. more »»



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