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A view of NYC with Carrie

March 25, 2013 - Carrie Olson
The past couple weeks have been a blur as I started a new job and a new schedule. Trying to fit in my giant list of television show must-sees, I basically just eat and sleep (and try to organize by crumbling apartment organization).

So here are a few tidbits (important tidbits, might I add) that I have learned this week.

1. Snooki & JWoww used to live near me. Well, before I moved here, but in the same location. Big whoop right? Just a few blocks down, in an old firehouse is where the paint-shellacked bronze half-humans that consist on jars of pickles lived. I have walked past their old firehouse condo many times, wondering who lived there. I should have asked what lived there instead. Luckily, they moved out a few months before I came to town – but the hoopla was real. Meaning liquor stores and restaurants posted signs in their storefronts saying “No Snooki or JWoww allowed.” Props, Jersey City, props.

2. Tilda Swinton sleeps in a box. Well, for the next month anyway. She’s on display napping in a glass-encased box at MOMA, for everyone’s viewing pleasure. This Oscar-winning actress slash art piece wasn’t on view Sunday, unfortunately, when I went to the museum. To ask, “Where is the lady in the box?” was something to cross off my bucket list though. I get it. We are celebrity-obsessed. We box up people and stare at them from a far, making them unreal. But these people sleep, eat, poop just like the rest of us. It’s still weird. Glad it's her rather than the Biebs. His hair gel would cause a mess.

3. Beauty Sale! Let me give one of those girl “Woooo’s!” As I mentioned above, I started a new job a couple weeks ago. It is in the entertainment magazine industry, and quite a few publications are located in one building. So imagine my surprise when I wandered to my cubicle to be told that a beauty sale would be held. Beauty editors receive crazy amounts of product from companies so that they will be featured and/or reviewed by the department. This happens daily, so you can probably picture my jealousy when the mailing room wheels over Sephora bags lined with red tissue paper over to their desks. Beyond jealous. Yet, their stores of makeup and hair supplies become monstrous, so they hold beauty sales for our company a few times a year. With most items being priced at a $1, I knew that I had to make my presence known at last week’s sale. All of my Black Friday shopping throughout the years had prepared me for this one moment. It was like a track event, except with more sweat and exhaustion. You just grabbed for eye shadows, perfumes, and curling irons – throwing them into your bag. If someone was eyeing a facial moisterizer, you took it. This is not a time to be charitable. Running toward the next section, you pushed and pulled your way to getting the perfect MAC lipstick or seven. My damage was $75 – but that was gifts for family and to aid my very expensive makeup addiction. My best purchase was a Karl Lagerfeld brush set worth more than $150. Yes, I’m bragging. Don’t care.

4. I’m one of those. Last but not least, I have checked off one of my high school check list-y things. “What do you want to be?” What is your career going to be?” For a while it was dentist. Next, it was writer. And finally, I just knew that I wanted to dress up and walk to work in a mass of people – like in 1980s movies. Seriously, during a dress-up day at school, I arrived in a suit carrying a suitcase. You know, the montage at the beginning of a rom-com movie where a woman would be walking among hundreds of others of people suited up for something. Yeah, that’s me now. Every day, I get out of the PATH train station next to the World Trade Center. Then, I walk with the other suits walking in their 3-inch heels or carrying their annoying umbrellas. So far, that has been a fascinating revelation. I don’t know when it will just become a droning everyday experience.

Anyways, I’m going to be late to work. Thanks for reading my oh-so public diary. Laters.


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