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December 3, 2013 - Carrie Olson
In an effort to save a little cash and to keep our sanity, we decided to have a mini-honeymoon, rather than the whole enchilada of Cabo or Maui, or one of those other wondrous locations. Lately, our spending has been focused on traveling back home to Iowa for various things, so flying isn’t over sandy beaches, it’s over deadened cornfields and the like. Which we are totally okay with.

So at first we decided to spend a few days on Long Island, in the Hamptons or Montauk. It would be considered off-off season, very cheap, but very little in the hotel market is open and available. We’d never been to that area before and it is on our New York bucket list. Unfortunately, it was really cold, wet and rainy and that idea just kind of flew out the window.

Nate has been crazy busy grading papers and attending school, and we really hadn’t seen each other outside of watching a half hour TV show together at the end of the day. So we decided to take it easy and spend a little less money on a fancy hotel in our town. We also decided to take advantage of NYC at Thanksgiving time, so it was the Macy’s Day Parade for us! We left our apartment at around 8 a.m. and meandered through the crowded streets near Herald Square. We ended up with our back against a store front a few blocks from where all the performances were. We also stood right next to a nice couple from Denver who had Iowa connections. It was fun to have people to enjoy all the action with. Basically, we spent a majority of our time trying to figure out who all the famous people on the floats were. We only were right I think twice with Kelli Pickler and the entourage that is Duck Dynasty. And we saw all the floats from Snoopy to Adventure Time, and stayed until our fingers and toes were almost numb. And while the crowds of people weren't as agitating as I thought they might be, I have a feeling we won't be doing the whole Times Square at New Years thing. Just, no.

While we stayed in our nice hotel on Thanksgiving Day, we also decided to not cook or go back to our apartment for a couple days, pretend we were in a different place (actually blocks from our home). That was all fine and dandy during the day, as many people were out for the parade and whatnot, so all of the coffee shops and cafes were open during that time period. We were filled with Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, but when it came to dinner, that was a head scratcher. Oh, we could have ordered room service, but when a burger is $35, I just can't justify the purchase. Nothing was open (good for them). We wandered ravenous all over town, almost breaking our no-going-back-to-the-apartment rule. We finally found a local pub that was playing football games and serving up chicken wings, so win-win.

And since we were on “vacation”, and only a block away from our local mall, I did wake up super early on Black Friday and got all my Christmas shopping done. Because, I was a block a way and deals.

Hmmm, anything missing in this run-down? Oh yes, we went to Nate’s first Broadway show, Jersey Boys. I kept turning to see if he was smiling and laughing, which he was. I probably looked creepy, but it was his first time and I wanted to know that he was enjoying it.

And … I decided to cook a Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment, left a gas burner on for a few hours, and filled up the entire apartment with gas. So, there’s that. Although we didn't end up going anywhere faraway and would love to take a trip somewhere after Nate graduates, it was just a really good time. We were able to talk, vent, put aside bill paying and homework for awhile, and remember that we just got married. It wasn't what we had planned, but I don't think I would have it any other way. (Uh, that's a total lie. If we had more money and time, we'd totally be on a beach somewhere. :) )


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