November election coming

With the November election coming up in a matter of weeks, I am sure many of you have seen tumultuous posts on both the Democratic and Republican sides of the debate.

We’ve seen attacks on both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump that go well beyond the pressing issues our country is facing.

We been exposed to the “true morals” of Donald Trump after footage of his “locker room” talk surfaced.

We have been privy to the email scandal so famously attributed to Hilary Clinton.

I am not here to debate or to throw my vote at a specific candidate, however. I am writing this column about the change in civility in elections I have seen as I have grown older.

Instead of asking what will be done about issues like health care, education at all age levels, and prioritizing the needs of the people of the United States first, it has turned into a playground battle.

This isn’t to say that former and current candidates and presidents haven’t gone on to contribute major policies and acts that have benefitted our country.

But, during the months leading up to the polls, the policies and plans for the future seem to get pushed to the wayside.

I think it is time that candidates focus their time and energy on showing citizens that they will take the position as President of the United States seriously. I don’ know about you, but I am ready to stop seeing debates where candidates refuse to respect the time allotted their peers.

We need more “please and thank you” in office.

Whichever candidate you choose this election season (and this goes for local, county elections as well) check your sources and take a closer look at the ideals your candidate holds.

The polls are already open for early voting. Please do your research and do your due diligence as a citizen. Vote.

Every vote matters and we all have the power to make a difference.

The right to vote is a privilege we have access to because of men and women throughout history who have been fighting and dying for it.